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About us

PisoFinCasa is a new project related to Real Estate Marketing. They bring a solution for all advertising needs in any properties matters. It doesn´t mind if your an owner, realtor or agency. This resource can be used by anybody to get good profit quickly.

The main concept it to post an only free advert like in any other real estate website, but with the posibility to multiply the scope by applying professional skills in order to get better and more visits than a simple real estate post does.

But, how is that possible?,
Well, they take advantage of full knowlagde of SEO techniques to improve the results. That is, when people look for any property like yours they can take the attention of the researcher to be redirected to your property contents previusly created for that proporse, like:

  • Personal website for your property with multimedia resources and social media implementation, so it can be easily broadcasted to eveywhere in some seconds- A video HD is created for broadcasting solution in platform like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo...
  • Social media posting and sharing for groups where PisoFinCasa and partners beling to
  • You, as owner or agent, can easily, take part of that project sharing and posting by yourself inside the content created by PisoFInCasa, so can redirect asker to you basket.
  • Remenber, all interesting users will reach you by email directly, without any fee

How much that it cost?

  • Post is rellay free. So you can get an advert of your property for free
  • Property marketing is done by an only payment of 50€ for 3 months long. Also, it can be escalated as 75€ for 6 months or 100€ for a full year of marketing solution.

Have you understood your property could be sold by only 50€ expense?

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